Real estate has always been a profitable and reliable way of investment.

To minimize economical risks modern investors prefer not to give all the funds for one and only facility. It is better to diversify finance in several directions as long as possible. Investing in different business fields within one and the same country doesn’t provide maximum diversification. However it can be provided by investing into economies of different countries. Such way of capital expenditure reduces risks of fluid financial and political situation and currency exchange rate unsteadiness.

Investing into real estate abroad provides great diversification opportunities. From this respect commercial property appears to be especially appealing since buying and renting it out is a quicker way of getting investment returns with higher capitalization rate.

Other advantages for the owner like simplified visa regime, benefits in residence permit receiving, foreign bank credit facility against security of immovable property with cheap money (from 2%) with received funds use possible both abroad and within the country territory are also possible.

The most profitable investments proved to be in the USA, European and recently Asian and South American economies.

Having property markets of different countries analyzed specialists of Experto IG offer compilations of the most appropriate residential real and commercial property investment projects.

In most cases commercial property buying proves to be more profitable than placing funds to a bank account.

To make a right choice of the country for investment it is necessary to compare its economic indexes with other ones. Most of the clients choose warm, high living standard countries with appealing educational prospects for their children due to psychological factors but this choice can be not always be profitable and beneficial in economic terms.

Experto IG specialists have more than 3500 partner relations in 53 countries of the world and receive more than 700 offers a day. So our analysts are able to provide the clients with compilation of the most appropriate real estate, legal system and foreign bank account opening consultancy of the chosen country, taxation and other possible expenditures accompanying real estate administration according to safeness and profitability of investment.

Apart from investors’ interest in buying commercial estate for regular rent income purposes, there is a great engagement into development projects. Buying real property under construction provides for high income due to the price indexation during the building period while to realize such projects takes 1-3 years with 30% of yield.

Such way of investment works for both commercial and residential real estate.

Experto IG cooperates with major development companies, gazers information about different investment projects all over the world and provides comparative analysis of the items considered for investment. Moreover Experto IG can provide realty services after the construction is finished.

Our focus is to choose appropriate commercial property for foreign investment. At the same time our wide range of building, realty and bank partners providing us with enough information about property market situation of different countries give us opportunity to supply our clients with help in residential property selecting.

Our specialists prepare offers of items under construction as well as secondary real estate in the country of client’s interest considering district infrastructure, distance to the sea or downtown, etc.

Our experts provide mortgage and legal system consultancy, provide taxation, after-sale service and other expenses as well as organizing and item overview trips for clients.

We also provide legal entities with assistance in buying office and industrial buildings or logistic centers abroad. Apart from selecting appropriate variant, we organize meetings with state control organs, industry associations etc. This helps to simplify business adaptation to new economic conditions.

Real property loaning on beneficial terms is possible for purchasing both commercial and residential estate abroad. For instance, in European countries interest assets are circa 2 – 3% which increases investment profitability. Meanwhile the loaning bank and the property undertaken don’t have to be located in the same country. Experto IG specialists can help to make right choice of loan terms.

However buying real estate without loaning still gives an opportunity to obtain the credit on the security of real estate in foreign countries as well as within one.

Residence permission brings plenty of privileges such as an untrammeled multiple entry to the country during its validity period and therefore seems attractive for many.

Buying real property abroad benefits in obtaining residence permission not only in the country of its location. Experto IG specialists can provide you with information about countries that grant investment based residence permission and other grounds for obtaining it.

Moreover Experto IG and its partners have experience in citizenship acquiring.

We care about our clients. International property deal should be not only a source of profit, but become an easy and engaging way of discovering new opportunities for funds diversification.

All consultancy and negotiations are confidential.

While buying commercial property abroad for further leasing the buyer needs to face some questions:

  • whether registration of legal entity necessary or not,
  • which taxation system to choose,
  • bank account opening,
  • funds transferring,
  • accounting services,
  • legal approved lease agreement,
  • cooperation with utility and energy supply companies to provide property exploitation.

Our clients are free to solve this issues on their own or to entrust it to us.